Impressions Family Child Care

Kindness   *   Community  *   Independence  *   Curiosity 


I currently have no openings for children under the age of 2 years old until possibly September 2025.

I will have an opening for a child over the age of 2 years old in September 2024. 

If you are interested in being placed on our waitlist, email me at

 Nicole Leitermann

 -Owner/Facilitator of the Early Childhood environment-

State licensed family childcare facility established in 1998

Located in Kimberly, WI

Offering care from 4 weeks to 12 years old

5:30am - 5:00pm 

Monday through Friday




 The purpose of Impressions Family Child Care is to provide quality child care services for children of working parents.  A loving, kind, nurturing, and safe environment is of utmost importance and stressed throughout the day.  We allow children to grow and learn at their own pace, as supported by the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.   This is enhanced through developmentally appropriate practices along with nature experiences to enrich the child’s development.  Community connections make children feel they belong. The children, parents, provider, and community work together to create a secure foundation to learn and grow. 

                                                   Playing today, preparing for tomorrow!


To guide young children in their development and growth through opportunities for independence in order that they mature into kind adults who respect nature and the community around them.

Impressions Family Child Care will…

1. Sustain a place-based approach to education that promotes respect for the environment.

2. Provide a learning environment that promotes exploring, experimenting, and imagining opportunities. 

1. Understand parents are children’s first teachers.

2. Create a safe community for children with their families, Impressions Family Child Care neighborhood, and the Village of Kimberly.

Children enrolled in Impressions Family Child Care will…

1. Show kindness to others, the community, and the environment.

2. Be in tune with and considerate of the needs of those around them.
3. Be provided with opportunities to be independent through their own activities and mistakes.

4. Take part in daily activities that build cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creative, spiritual, and language skills playing together indoors and outdoors. 

I, as the Early Childhood Educator, will…

1. Have positive relationships with children and their families, encouraging respect, belonging, and a sense of community.  

2. Have knowledge of each child to identify and assess their capabilities. 

3. Meet licensing requirements and attend professional development opportunities to benefit Impressions Family Child Care. 

4. Recognize the importance and benefits of nature and early childhood development.

5. Provide a daily routine that allows for flexibility.

 Week of the Young Child 2023 Visitors

Thank you for taking the time to help make my children's week special!

Shane from YMCA

Ms Ann from Kimberly Library

Duy Nguyen Assistant State Superintendent

Jerry from Village of Kimberly