Our typical day

Our day includes a balance of active/quiet, outdoor/indoor, and individual/group time.  Each month I reflect on the children's interests and their individual goals.  A monthly plan is created with music/movement activities, books, creative expression, sensory activities, science, math, literacy, kitchen skills, large motor activities all aligning with Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.  Assessments are done by the provider and parents every 3 months so that goals can be written.  Together with the parents, we work that each child can become their best self.

 We do have 3 cats as our household pets.

Secured entrance, each family has their own unique code.

 The Daily Connect app is used for sign in/out, communication, menus, lesson plans, activities.

Payments are due Thursday prior to the week of care. 

 They can be made by check, direct deposit or venmo.

Each child has a place for all their belongings.  Each child is assigned a color.

We have a NO SHOES past the entrance rug policy, for the health of the children.

Child care room is separate from our family area.  Toys are rotated, and the room is freshened up every 3-4 weeks.  

Hallway for large motor activities for those days we are unable to go outside in Wisconsin.  

Bathroom is sanitized at least 3x per day.  We use single use cloth towels to cut down on paper usage.  Changing area for young children.

     Spacious kitchen to serve family-style meals.         

  Four weekly menus are rotated.  

                                Breakfast 9:00am                                                                         Lunch 11:45am                                       Snack 2:45-3:30pm 

Impressions is a Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program CACFP member.  

IFCC does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, creed, handicap, national origin, political persuasion, or ancestry against any enrolled child and family or any applicant for enrollment in regard to admission, privilege of enrollment or discharge condition.  

Fenced in large backyard is accessed by gates on each side of the house. 

 Although from the front it looks small, our lot is a pie shape so our backyard has lots of room to run, jump and for adventurous play.